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 Vol. 494,  January 21, 2009
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The astrology of the inaugural speech of Barack Obama

Wow, that was interesting, every astrologer on the globe watching the inaugural speech of Barack Obama will have grinned at the fact that it started a little later than scheduled and that there was a slight mistake in the oath... with Mercury being retrograde.   But there were no mistakes in the speech itself, it was an incredible example of almost the highest potential of the current planetary aspects.  First of all, what I saw was a very serious looking Obama. In contrast to Leo rising persons such as Bush, always smiling or with a laugh, (though hardly so yesterday:-), Obama has Aquarius rising, but the seriousness as well as the zeal to really create changes and transformations was a good expression of Saturn hoovering over his 8th house cusp (Koch). (For Obama's chart see  And a main theme of his speech was about personal responsibility  and administrative accountability (Saturn) as well as freedom (Uranus), and of course these two planets are now in aspect.  But what impressed me (personally, as an astrologer) most, was how he spoke about the use (and misuse) of power, for indeed, this is the theme of today and the future, ever since Pluto entered Capricorn (since November 2008 that is). 

To recap in a short summary what I wrote years ago about the Pluto entry into Capricorn:  (on  : 

1) 1913: Pluto enters a new cycle, going into  Cancer. The world is in turmoil, WO I starts soon thereafter.  It is the People that wish to overthrow aristocratic power and wish to take power themselves. The people without power were women, black people and poor people in general. 

2) upward movement: as Pluto moves "upward" through the zodiac (place 0 Cancer on the IC)  slowly but surely those who were "down" in 1913 come to the rise and it culminates now in 2008-2009 with Pluto at 0 Capricorn opposite that point. (Astrologically it could have either been a woman or a black person to win the US elections). 

3) in between and during this upward movement, just to recap:  from 0 Cancer to approx 15 Leo: the first semisquare: WOI & WOII, at 15 Leo the babyboom starts. 

4) from 15 Leo to 0 Libra (the sixties): the rise of the working class. Wages implode.  The poor of the past start to make it.  Emancipation of women. 

5) from 0 Libra to 15 Scorpio (1971-1989): Emancipation of the Afro-Americans in the US

6) from 15 Scorpio till 0 Capricorn: (1989-2008): Islam power on the rise (an attempt to emancipate, but maybe it needs the entire second half of the Pluto cycle to accomplish that... for suppression is rampant.  South Africa: emancipation of the black people.  Huge salaries for the once poor people of the past in the west and also in India and China the scene is set for change. 

7) And now things both turn around as well as culminate. We are in the Full Moon phase of the Pluto cycle of power.  Large companies and banks who misused power are going under. Just as the aristocracy did from 1913 onwards. Pluto in Capricorn is about the right use of power. In 1913 with Cancer it was about families, now it is in Capricorn and it is about corporations and administrations. I.e. the same, yet opposite, typical of a Full Moon phase. If I hear Obama speak, I think to myself, wow, what a great expression of what indeed is the highest potential of Pluto in Capricorn: the people once downtrodden, now in power, how are they going to use it? Obama's speech was inspired, the best possible. And yes, he will be in for an enormous challenge with Saturn entering his 8th house soon.  I wish him all the luck in the world and may his ideals become reality.  

The rest of January: 

We are living in interesting times... all these planets in Aquarius currently, they bring us surprise after surprise, sometimes shocking, sometimes exciting. 

Monday January 26th we will have an eclipse at the time of the new Moon, thus a solar eclipse (to be followed by a lunar eclipse February 9).  I expect it will bring many changes in a) relationships in Europe and b) a change of plans politically and administratively in the USA (looking at the charts for Greenwich, resp. Washington).  But Mercury is still retrograde, the lunar eclipse is to come and will change things again a fortnight later. So nothing is certain. That is for sure:-) 

Improved: Astro Diary 2009 (Fallon) 

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