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 Vol. 496,  February 20, 2009
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February 24: a special day?

According to NASA two special things happen February 24; 1) a kind of a triple conjunction of Saturn's moons with Saturn, not that in astrology we work with that, for Saturn and its Moons is one energyfield, much like the Earth and our Moon... and 2) comet Lulin is closest to Earth February 24 and in the vicinity of the Sun:

Astrologically there is a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, which indeed can bring exciting news. This month is kind of special anyway with all the Aquarian planets and both individually and collectively we are discovering things! 

Science and Sugar: 

Science & sugar? Oh well, it's just to take an example. Is it possible to proof scientifically that sugar tastes sweet? That question has been occupying my mind for a few days now because there are plenty of astrologers who apparently still seek scientific approval (acknowledgement) of science. But astrology is somewhat akin to things tasting sweet. So to speak. Science has the idea that singling out a factor of the entire composition of the horoscope should do, maybe they use just the 12 sunsigns, maybe just the planets, without ever looking at the houses, or rulers of the houses. Let's take the 6th house as an example (Koch) which says something about how we work on a daily basis.  Isn't it terrific to just plainly see that folks with Taurus on its cusp just plod on and on and that someone with Aries on its cusp can't muster the patience doing the same work day in and out, and that someone with Libra on its cusp loves to cooperate? And that this is so for each and everyone if however we finetune using the rulers of the cusp. Someone who does not plod on and on in their work with Taurus on the 6th house cusp may have its ruler conjunct Uranus: it just is a next level of interpretation.  For astrologers it is as clear as glass, it simply works and inspires awe. 

But if science occupies itself with a cube of sugar, it will analyse it as consisting of sucrose, lactose and fructose. But it can't proof that sugar tastes sweet as this is human interpretation. Only by tasting sugar yourself you can truly find out that sugar tastes sweet. 

Conclusion: the analytical scientific method just is improper and fails where human experience is concerned. Uranus currently opposes Saturn. I wouldn't mind if we as astrologers were to say a definite goodbye to the urge of being recognized by "science". What good is our current science if it can't even proof that sugar tastes sweet? 

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2008, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2008

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