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 Vol. 498,  April 10, 2009
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles


Just before the entry of a cardinal sign

I finally figured it out, how slow.. I had been wondering for ages why the creditcrunch took place before Pluto entered Capricorn, and here I was not even realising I had written an entire book (in Dutch) based on the principle of how, when Saturn is just about to cross the IC in one's birthchart, an entire personal cycle finishes, and how we are in the dark in our life then. (Only the first time after our 30th birthyear). From that deep and dark and lonely place a whole new cycle gets born, our true destiny even, if all goes well but for many people this realization of the new does not even occur until Saturn leaves the 4th and gets into the 5th house. The deepest hour of darkness and isolation is not WHEN Saturn crosses the IC but JUST before it, when it empties out a previous cycle so to speak. Similarly when Saturn crosses the Midheaven some new phase in our destiny starts and people can also have a difficult time just before, when Saturn still is at the end of the 9th house. However, Saturn leaves the quadrant of relationship (house 7,8,9) then and not the quadrant of personal discovery (house 1,2,3).  Thus, this opposite phase, with Saturn hoovering around the midheaven is not as isolated and lonely as this one time when Saturn crosses the IC after our 30th birthday.

Bringing over Pluto to this cycle as talked about before, and using a mundane chart with 0 degrees of Aries rising, the deep and the dark took place in 1912-1913 with Pluto at the end of Gemini and entering Cancer (the mundane 4th house).  Pluto is now hoovering over the midheaven, and the creditcrunch, collectively and internationally took place with Pluto at the end of the 9th mundane house (Sagittarius). Pluto has crossed the midheaven now and a new phase in our collective destiny has started. Last week, Pluto turned retrograde and makes us re-address all these issues. Currently Saturn rules Pluto, and opposes Uranus. The two big points in the year always are when Pluto changes direction and in the "world" we saw the earthquakes (literally Saturn-Uranus) in Italy. It is symbolic for a true new (Uranus)  world (Capricorn) order about to be born, these rumblings of the earth itself.  Will democracy (born after 1913) proof it can hold office with Pluto now in the 10th (so to speak) and not misuse power?  It seems we are about to get there. For now, prospects look good, but for the next 14 months, hold your breath, with a T square of Pluto-Uranus-Saturn coming up as well (August 2010).  The short term prospects are good because Jupiter is about to conjunct Neptune in Aquarius (in May only), but this combination always provides hope. Aquarian hope, hope and dreams for something new.  Nicely in tune with a wonderful couple of springweeks.

Happy Easter! 


Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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