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 Vol. 503,  July 18, 2009
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles



NASA information with the eclipse path

There is a 10 min. youtube video on the internet with nice graphics about the upcoming solar eclipse, you can turn up the sound with a button there, but the spoken dialect is painful to one's ears...  this video describes how the path of the eclipse runs in the East, and compares various mundane charts.  I prefer to work with Dennis Elwell's way of looking at eclipses, because after all, prior to his 2 public and highly accurate eclipse predictions in 1987,  nobody looked at eclipses in astrology, other than in ancient history.

And all Dennis did was looking at the ephemeris to see which other planets made aspects on the day of the eclipse!  In fact, we see nothing much is happening, other than that Uranus is trining the Sun/Moon conjunction.  However, this conjunction is opposite Pluto in a antiscepoint position of the Moon/Saturn axis (mirroring againt 15 Cancer/Capricorn, a Dutch system:-)! This chart is taken for Greenwich and thus effective for Europe and with Pluto in the 6th house we already see that many people are not secure in their jobs anymore, but this has been going on ever since Uranus opposed Saturn anyway. 

In a month's time the Nodes will no longer be in Leo/Aquarius but move  to Capricorn and Cancer. The Sun, ruler of the South Node currently, is eclipsed, thereby giving way to the North Node and Uranus. Maybe this solar eclipse is a grand last occasion for being less focused on the personal self, and more on humanity at large. When meditating around the eclipse, the best thing to do is anyway to send good vibes to others who need it.  An eclipse has increased power, a thousand- fold power of normal meditations!  


Recently I renewed my interest in the astrology of medical herbs, (the previous Lunar eclipse was on my Cheiron/Uranus opposition:-)    There is something very unsatisfactory about  our historical assignments of planets to certain herbs. Nicholas Culpeper (October 18 1616 – January 10 1654), who was a physician, botanist, herbalist and astrologer left us with a rich source of reference, but Culpeper lived before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. 

Paracelsus and others left us the legacy of the teachings of the signature of the plants. The cosmos expresses itself in everything, in people and their birthcharts, in weatherpatterns, in animals, and also in plants. As Above, So Below.

If all yellow plants indicate the use of it for our digestive system, and all blue ones for our lungs, how to differentiate? Maybe, getting a better picture of the astrology of a plant may help us there. It is in that spirit that I have started to look at various herbs and feel my way in which planets or signs or combination of planets look appropriate.  I have used various sources on the internet as well as Culpeper's Colour Herbal and some other literature. 

The list I came up with so far is: Herb Robert: Venus in Aquarius,  St. John’s Wort: Sun/Mars, Horsetail: Saturn or Saturn/Mars,  Ground-Ivy: Venus in Taurus, Plantain: Saturn/Moon/Mars, Chamomile: Sun in Taurus,  Comfrey: Moon in Capricorn or Saturn in Cancer, Lemon Balm: Jupiter in Cancer,  Lavender: Mercury/Neptune, Meadowsweet: Jupiter/Neptune,  Mullein: Sun/Saturn/Mercury,  Yarrow: Uranus/Neptune, Flaxweed: Mars in Virgo,  Willowherb: Saturn/Pluto,  Silverweed: Moon/Venus in Scorpio, Shepherd’s Purse: Capricorn,  Vipers’ Bugloss: Pluto/Mars,  Red Clover: Mercury/Mars. Cleavers: Venus in Capricorn, Ccelandine (the greater / Chelidonium majus: Jupiter/Pluto/Sun

I created a blog meantime with all of their descriptions in the Dutch language and may translate a herb now and then as an adjunct to this “weekahead”. Let’s start with St. John’s Wort:

St. John’s Wort, Latin:  Hypericum Perforatum;  Sun/Mars.

A. Oil of St. John's Wort

If you are blessed with St. John's Wort in the vicinity of where you live, or in your garden, make your own St. John's Wort oil!  I think it is a miracle remedy for muscle-pains and the like. It helps immediately!  The only thing which one needs to do is to remember that if one  ever does have a  muscle- or saddle-pain, there is Oil of St. John's Wort in the house and use it:-) 

You do need a regular supply throughout the summer of the flowers of St. John's Wort. How to make the oil? Fill up a jar made of white glass and without labels with a handful of picked yellow flowers and put in a pure  oil on top. Then let the jar rest outside in the sunshine all throughout the summer. Refresh the flowers now and again. At the end of the summer your St. John's Wort oil is deep-red in colour and will last for years. The red pigmentation comes from the yellow flower, Hypericum Perforatum indicating the little holes where the red juice is coming from.  Other than muscle pains, saddle pains  and bruised muscles, (muscles being Mars), Oil of St. John's wort can be used for skinproblems, light burnings, and sunburn (this latter is literally Sun/Mars of course)

Caution:  wash your hands carefully after use, for exposing them to sunlight thereafter can cause sensitivity reactions, and men should not go to the toilet with oil on their hands.  

B. The herb itself.

St. John's Wort starts flowering each year just after the summersolstice: June 24, which is the day of St. John. The fresh or dried herb can be used as a herbal infusion (which tastes quite okay) and is being called the natural prozac because it would help (mild) depression. Culpeper says to administer the tincture of the flowers to wine when you suffer from melancholy!  But 2 or 3 cups of tea per day help as well. In that sense St. John's Wort will have a warming effect and definitely falls under the Sun. Mars plays a part because of the red oil (as well as the muscles being Mars), and furthermore the flowers have 5 leaves which is a Venusian signature. Culpeper places St. John's Wort under the Sun or the sign of Leo, and also Johannes Vehlow (a German astrologer of the early 20th century) places the Sun as ruler of this herb. Sun/Mars/Venus may be even more accurate.

If you boil the herb in wine you can also use it for muscle-aches, for stabbing wounds (especially at the nerve-endings) and bruises. If you can make an ointment it will heal wounds faster. An ointment is made by ingesting the herb in white wax and then strain it.

In cases of  epileptic fits  the seeds can be used, and ingested in warm wine! (Contra-indication: when already on anti-epileptica).

In cases of an irritating cough St. John's Wort can be combined nicely with cat's claw. 

Next to this a longer term use of St. John's Wort (4-6 weeks) helps in cases of sleeplessness, panicks, shocks and hysteria. In the cases of sleeplessness this herb is indicated when a mild depression causes it, for the Sun/Mars nature of St. John's wort can actually also cause sleeplessness. Combine it with vervaine when used for sleeplesness. And St. John's Wort helps in case of nightmares in children!  Give them a cup of tea early in the evening. 

St. John's Wort has a stabilizing effect on the hormones, for instance in menopause, when your vitality (Sun/Mars) goes down. 

In cases of pain St. John's Wort is also indicated, it helps with reumatic pains and menstrual pains. And in the case of chronic cistytis, stomach ulcers, sensitive intestines  and bedwatering.  Next to this it is a tonic for the liver and the gallbladder and research seems to have been made for its positive effect on HIV and tumours. Also apparently MS, Parkinson's disease and the consequences of chemo therapy could benefit by St. John's Wort.

Contra-indications: Do not use St. John's wort during pregnancy or when taking the pill. Also not when you are on anti-depressives, HIV virus blockers, or anti bloodclotting medicine in cases of tromboses, or when you are using medication for asthma. St John's wort seems to negatively  influence all medications.

St. John's worth also clears away demons, if you hang a bunch on the ceiling to dry. The smell that it spreads is precious to the Gods (so it works as an incense) and unpleasant to astral entities or demons, according to folklegend. Using the herbal tea does help against fears of astral travel when sleeping, and it allows you to control your dreams with it! it protects the area of the solar plexus in other words or when you do have astral visitations for instance with the progressed Moon in the 12th house. Nightmares in children (for instance with Pluto in the 12th) are the effect of overtaking the personal will and in that sense St John's Wort s a tonic for your own will, and protects against negative entities.  I have no experience with the use of St. John's Wort with this, but it is worth a try! You can heighten the protective influence by placing some of the herb under your pillow or wearing it. 

Type of personality: St. John's Wort fits overly enthusiastic people who are quickly nervous but also the opposite type, the person who is down and rigid and turned in on themselves. Especially for older people who are always cold St. John's Wort will be of great help. How Sun/Mars! 

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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