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 Vol. 504,  July 31, 2009
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles




August 3 Mercury enters Virgo which might end any holiday feelings we currently have. If however you go back to work Monday August 17 you will really have the monday blues for Mercury will then be conjunct Saturn in Virgo.  In September the pleasant and even festive feel in the air will return for a bit by the way.

Sunday August 2 Venus, who enters Cancer on that same day, will oppose Pluto which might cause some emotion on your love life.

The Sun will meet up with its yearly opposition with Neptune on Tuesday August 18, which could account for a high dose of spirituality in your life around then. Do not have any expectations however, for disappointments unfortunately also belong to Neptune.  And that week will be the last with the North Node in Aquarius, Sunday August 22 the Moon's North Node will retreat back into Capricorn, so the South Node will then be in Cancer. Old emotional patterns of reacting on things might re surge, and the art here would be to try and act mature (Capricorn) rather than be governed by these old emotions.  It is also possible that with a year of a Cancer south node, the housing market will really change, for it seems to me that with Pluto in Capricorn (opposite Cancer) we are not done at all yet with any credit crunches. On the contrary, the worst may yet happen in 2010. Take your own personal responsibility with the North Node in Capricorn (and Pluto as well), it really is the ONLY recipe for the times ahead.



TANSY, Latin: Tanacetum Vulgare, SCORPIO


If I translate the Dutch name for this herb literally in English, I get : “Farmer’’s worm-herb”. This is because this herb does help against worms and parasites: 30 gr. of dried herb with 500 ml.. of boiled water and then drink one cup evenings and mornings on an empty stomach and it will get rid of the worms.

And a good recipe against head lice: (it is aplant of Scorpio:-) :

Mix one part of tansy with 2 parts of cider vinegar, put it in a bottle, shake it everyday and dot his for 3 weeks… Then, as soon as your kids come home from school with lice on their head you can apply the stuff to their hair, put some plastic over it, and let the child sit with that for 30 minutes. Repeat after two weeks. Apparently it works without fail!

Against discoloration, pimples and freckles you can make a decoction of the herb. Recipe for a skin lotion: boil a handful of the leaves with 500 ml water and 500 ml milk,  let it simmer for 15 minutes and when cooled off, filter it and store it in the fridge.  Use as a morning lotion.

In the case of painful gums (or toothache) boil the herb in vinegar, add honey and gargle with it. (Do not ingest).

Culpeper places tansy under Venus, but the herb stinks as hell. And if you see what it all is used for, then there is only one possibility: it falls under Scorpio. Culpeper used it to stop white flux: ingest the powdered herb in distilled water (note dosage below!). For painful joints the herb is boiled in water and ingested (note dosage below!) And for stimulating the menses take 50 ml of the tea three times a day before meals (again: note dosage below for there are rumours on the internet that young women who drank this tea too strong died of it, again, a real plant of Scorpio).

Tansy also could help in cases of hysteria.

CONTRA-INDICATION: Never use tansy when pregnant. It can evoke abortion, which it actually was used for in the past, and apparently sometimes with fatal consequences).  Essential oil of tansy is pretty toxic, do not use at any rate not over 1-4 drops max, against epilepsy.

DOSAGE: high doses and too strong teas cause dizziness, cramps and stomach pains and can even be fatal because of the thujon in the plant. So when using it internally do so at your own risk if you have the guts. Actually, tansy has much better uses, namely to ward of ants and other creepy things. It is entirely possible that dying from tansy is highly exaggerated, people die easier from a hospital than from tansy and much more too, yet, one cannot be too careful with the sign of Scorpio:-)

Edibility:  to improve the taste of eggs historically people sometimes added tansy when baking.  Young leaves where sprinkles on puddings and on omelettes in the past.

In the case of chronic fever placing tansy in one’s shoes help (says Wikipedia, but what I wonder is, if one has chronic fever, isn’t one in bed without shoes? :-)

Do you have ants in or around the house: I can personally testify to the fact that dried tansy helps get rid of them.  Just place bunches of the dried herb on the floor where they come, or when they enter the house from outside plant a fresh plant near the entrance. They will not bother you again!  In the past people used to sprinkle the dried herb on the floor against moths and flees. And if you intend to travel to far off strange places with scorpio’s and other creepy bugs (even though Pluto no longer is in the travelling sign of Sagittarius),  place some of the dried herb in a sock to put in your sleepingbag.

Tansy also was used in the past to ward off ghosts, lightning and negative energies.  In mythology tansy was used to make Ganymede immortal (in other words, tansy equals a long life, just as the yellow flowers seem to last endlessly. And people used the herb in the past to better preserve dead bodies against bugs.  Tansy falls under Venus? I say Scorpio:-)


Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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