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 Vol. 505,  August 16, 2009
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Wednesday, August 26

There is an interesting T-square in the skies on August 26, interesting, because it takes places at the beginning of the cardinal signs and this is precisely where the larger T square between Pluto, Uranus and Saturn will take place in 2010. But now it is a square between Mercury in the sign of compromise: Libra, and Mars, in the sign of being social (Cancer), in opposition with Pluto positioned in the Silence Before the Storm way, waiting for, symbolically, September 11, when it will turn Direct!

The Moon is in Scorpio square the Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius. The way to deal with the T square is to maybe have a truly good conversation with your partner or with someone close where issues are still simmering. A really good and honest conversation. The way to not deal with it is to be totally emotional and angry (Mars/Pluto) and then get into your car (Mercury) for then you definitely may need the herb Solomon's seal described below:-)  (Which is for broken bones).  What we can expect around that time at any rate is more communicative activity, (Mercury/Mars) and really strongly so (Pluto). And in the news (Mercury) we are likely to see themes for the upcoming year.

Venus conjuncts the South Node in Cancer (the nodal axis has changed by then into Capricorn/Cancer) meaning there is plenty of ear for your feelings, but also meaning that you should not keep hanging in them (North Node in Capricorn).

To interpret a T square it is always easiest to interpret the slower planet working on the faster one, i.e. with Mercury/Mars/Pluto the emphasis is on Mercury: which is in friendly Libra, but which will be pressured for getting into a confrontation (Pluto) about emotional things (Mars in Cancer from August 25 pm onwards). With the larger Uranus/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto T square next year the pressure is on Saturn and Jupiter, meaning that we are far from secure (Saturn) in our present lives and change will happen ever more.

We can choose how to deal with planetary configurations, we can let them work for us, or be surprised by them. So simply plan a good conversation with someone just before the Mercury-Mars-Pluto aspect is happening, or, sit down and do get your ideas on paper, even if it doesn't succeed at first. It is a way to positively deal with this aspect.

Up until then I expect a relatively quiet time, nicely relaxed and yet working with the flow, with a New Moon in the neighborhood of Neptune on August 20. The energy will change only when Mars gets into Cancer on the 25th.



SOLOMON's SEAL, Latin: Polygonatum , SATURN


The berries of solomon's seal supposedly are a little poisonous. They taste sweet when ripe, but I am not going to try that if they should be slightly poisonous. Apparently people have taken them without any consequences. Results could be, apparently, nausea, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat and coma ... the poisonous ingredient being convallotoxin, which however probably doesn't amount to a whole lot in the berries, unless you were to eat kilos of them.


It is the root which is medicinal, and which is absolutely safe and non-poisonous. (Native Americans used it for food). The root has "seals", at least, that's what they looked like to our ancestors, hence the name. These "seals" are scars of the previous year, each year solomon's seal will create another seal to grow from, much like the yearrings in a tree. Culpeper places this plant under the rulership of Saturn which seems incredibly apt, for the root is a wondrous medicine for broken bones (bones and the skeleton itself belonging to Saturn).

And much like the seals of the root, also the flowers as well as the berries appear in orderly rows, one after the other, another typical Saturn phenomenon!

The root even looks like a bone. It is a very comforting and healing remedy lubricating joints and the whole system, but it is not a very wellknown remedy. It can however create spectacular results in cases of bruising and breaking bones, or hernia (a slipped disc) for instance. This site  is lyrical about Solomon's seal, and the author uses it a lot for sportsmen who get into trouble with their bones, knees or muscles. And he gives a wonderful tip:

Collecting: Solomon's seal is quite rare in places and yet it can be a great idea to have some root on stock. So how to collect it respecting the plant and even making sure new plants grow rather than taking away one? The root is quite near the surface, feel with your hands below the plant where the root is and goes to and then cut off the part of the root with the old seals, leaving the plant from the new seal intact. By cutting it a new plant will even grow out of it, and you have your piece of root!

Taken internally it helps for neuralgia, inflammations of the stomach and bowel, and with diarrhea. It stops vomiting and bleeding. Solomon's seal is indicated in cases of too dry conditions (Saturn!) for it will lubricate the bones, joints and muscles, including the muscle of the heart. And it could come in handy with arthritis. It also rebuilds bone marrow (Saturn) and may well be great for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Other than that it may well be great in cases of diabetes, as it will lower the bloodsugarlevels (I will test that still:-). And it lowers too high a bloodpressure (which indeed is a Capricorn (or Saturn) - thing, fitting for persons who always MUST do things.  It will also treat a too fatty liver.

In the case of erysipelas use it both in- and externally. If you make a ointment from the powdered root (for instance with bee's wax or sheabutter) it will take away black and blue bruising, and will help as mentioned heal broken bones. It also will help for skin-inflammations.

Solomon's seal is also an excellent remedy for piles: make a decoction: 1 ounce of root on one pint of boiling water, and inject 4-5 tablespoons in the rectum, a few times per day.

Medicine bag:

There used to be a ritual in the Middle Ages apparently to go and dig up solomon's seal root on the morning of June 24 (and only then), and then cut an amulet from it. For good luck you had to keep that amulet on you for the rest of your life.... (that's a long time.... quite Saturnian again:-)  This is the amulet of Solomon's Seal, it is the Star of David:

-solomon's seal-

The 6-pointed star is a beautiful symbol, indicating the union of sky and heaven or rather the union of the three upper chakra's with the three lower ones. This unification takes place in the heart (above which are three chakra's as well as below, parallel to our spine). It is the completion of men / women, the individual who is whole within him-or herself. 

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009

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