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 Vol. 507,  August 27, 2009
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles,



Pluto stationary & Mercury as well

Mars stond nog i

The square with Pluto already was subject of the previous weekahead (we just received news that the isarastrology website has been hacked, do NOT go there right now, it contains a virus!, talking about Mercury/Mars/Pluto)  and  it is likely that the coming days will be more and more Plutonic but maybe we will not notice it in the outside world until Pluto turns around which unfortunately takes places September 11 this year.  It will do so at 0.39 Capricorn. And almost square this position and square Mars (now in Cancer), is Mercury hovering around the early degrees of Libra. Monday September 7 Mercury will go retrograde. Mercury in Libra retrograde will mostly mean that it is time to re-enter communications about old stuff with your loved ones. Or communicate with people you have not seen for some time. Mars/Pluto aspecting it could cause some emotional upset and Mercury retrograde in Libra (from September 7 onwards) will have the inclination to withdraw and retreat. Mars/Pluto will let it all surface though, with a timing that may not be too fortunate when Mercury is retrograde.  The big news in Holland involving this Mars/Pluto on Mercury is the incredible noise that the new High Speed Trains are making, it is raining complaints about it.

September 4 will see a Full Moon at 12.16 Virgo/Pisces, which is not really aspected by the other planets, but maybe it conjuncts something in your own birthchart, which planet will then be highlighted.



ALOE VERA , Jupiter/Pluto in Aries


Aloe Vera is a very well known wound healing herb which also can be ingested internally.  It has been in use medicinally for at least 4000 years. Nowadays commercial products remove the aloine, because of FDA regulation. Using  AloŽ Vera as a laxative needs the aloine though, and then you would have to drink the juice straight from the plant (which you can easily cultivate in your own home). AloŽ Vera juice is great for many things, you can buy it everywhere, but you need to test it for yourself, as people react quite diverse on its intake.

Applied externally (the gel-version) is good for 1-2 degree burns, for herpes, psoriasis and fungal infections (AloŽ vera kills off the bacteria).

Ingesting it juice internally is said to be good for diabetes as it apparently lowers bloodsugarlevels.  I tested it a little, and it does seem to reduce it by 1 point after a few hours.

In the case of a stomach-ulcer AloŽ Vera could also be of good service.

Toothpaste with aloŽ vera is supposedly great against plaque (or do some of its juice on your normal toothpaste).

AloŽ Vera is anti-inflammatory, helps with internal pain, is supposed to alleviate itching, is skin-regenerative, stops viruses, it detoxifies and kills bacteria (it does help with renewing the good bacteria).  It strengthens the immune-system, heightens your tolerance for allergies, normalizes stomach-acidity, helps the intestinal flora. What AloŽ Vera does is something very important, it helps your body to cure itself. Jupiter/Pluto is the strongest healing combination I can think of in view of the planets, and many people consider Aloe Vera a miracle cure preventing them from ever having to visit a doctor again. A 'miracle"medicine and turning your body from illness to health definitely is Jupiter/Pluto. But I also need Mars or Aries, for its regenerative power, and the sharp pointed leaves, so it is Jupiter/Pluto in Aries for now. Jupiter/Pluto also is the combination in cases of cancer-cures, and Aloe Vera certain can help in those cases, it also alleviates the side effects of chemo.  And it is said to be quite functional in cases of AIDS and M.S., because it strengthens the immune-system.

AloŽ Vera can furthermore be used in cases of asthma, arthritis, obesity, anemia, depression and sleeplessness, and it can lower cholesterol.

So having an AloŽ Vera plant in your home or garden can do no harm, although the gel for external and the juice for internal use can be bought easily in healthfoodshops, or buy it on your holidays in Madeira or Arizona:-)  As a pot plant Aloe Vera is easy to cultivate, make sure it gets enough sunlight and do not water the plant too often (it keeps the water in the leaves). To get its juice cut one of the lower leaves:

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