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 Vol. 508,  September 16, 2009
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New Moon September 18

Friday there is a New Moon (18.45 pm GMT time) right on the dot conjunct Saturn and opposition Uranus. In other words, the new month will be emphasizing another phase in the current series of Saturn-Uranus oppositions. Saturn-Uranus has to do with all kinds of things, but it does NOT have to do with flu-epidemics, historically the latter is a Saturn-Neptune thing.  For Western-Europe the New Moon falls in the 6th house, but in your own chart the house where 25 Virgo is will be emphasized as it has been for a while anyway (with Saturn transitting it).

The symbolism (Mandala, Rudhyar) of this degree is truly beautiful, it speaks of doing your work as if you are in the presence of God.  Work gets a transcendental meaning of you make it sacred, whether you are a plumber, an IT-er , an astrologer, or God forbid, a banker. So rather than feeding the collective fear of negative change or the collective charity for the pharmaceutical industry with their flu prevention scheme, maybe use this New Moon to change (Uranus) the way you work on a daily basis (Saturn) and make it a sacred work, acting as if in the Presence of God. That is the highest possibility of the upcoming New Moon!

THE MASTER OF TIME is the title of a new book, written by an upcoming Dutch financial astrologer: Victor Ledeboer. An epos on the mystery of the work of  W.D. Gann (which mysteries the book will not disclose but will explore, in the light of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. I read the book in one breath as it is a wholly authenthic book, a kind of a novel almost, and because I am interested in planetary cycles. The book  (of 105 pages) is not on financial astrology per se, it is somewhat philosophical. For shipment to Belgian and Dutch addresses the book can be ordered from chta (chta, at 19,95 euro, both in English as well as in Dutch (see this page for the Dutch version).  For shipment to other countries contact the author at info @


Bog HEATHER & Common HEATHER: Jupiter/Neptune in Capricorn

Heather disappears a little over here. Heather is fond of solitude, and the hermit loves the moors full of heather.  And with all these people on the world.. no wonder:-)  Bog Heather flowers before common heather and is on the red list in Belgium, category 2, meaning, it is okay to pick the flowers but never the roots.  Fortunately only the flowers are medicinal. In America bog heather is considered an invasive species especially on the east coast, whilst in New Zealand common heather is considered as such. Actually, New Zealand to me sounds like the ultimate place for the nature loving hermit, not a soul in sight:-)  Over here the grasses or pinetrees invade the heather and outsiders are not accepted in our social culture either, there is less and less tolerance for them, so no wonder nature shares a similar fate. 

I. BOG HEATHER (Yin) - Latin: Erica Tetralix

As a flower remedy bog heather helps hermits and outsiders, it reduces the feeling of being deserted.

A "beer"brewing recipe: boil the flowers and stems for 1,5 hours:



2. COMMON HEATHER (Yang)  - Latin: Calluna vulgaris

Collecting: for medicinal purposes only the wild heather and not the cultivated kind
in the gardens. When flowering cut off the flowering stalks, and dry in thin layers in the
dark and at roomtemperature. At a higher temperature the medicinal properties will
also evaporate!  Dried heather can be kept for a very long time in sealed pots, truly
a Capricorn plant!

Heather is antisceptic, diuretic and promotes digestion. It is used most commonly for infections of the bladder and the kidney, and also in the case of stones. It detoxifies the kidneys. Also useful for arthritis and prostateproblems. The medicinal ingredient of heather is Arbutin.

Tea: put 10-15 gr of dried herb to the boil and let it simmer in 1 liter of boiling water. Drink 4 times divided over the day. It tastes quite bitter, combine it with sage or equisetum to upgrade the taste a little.

Taken in high doses heather is mildly sedative. It can then help against gout, rheumatic pains, sleeplessness and some nervous ailments. Muscle-tension and being worried can be relieved drinking this tea.  Especially the lower side of the leaves is hallucinatory. For pains in the joints you can also add heather to your bathwater. Baby's not growing very well also used to be given heather in their baths.

In the Middle-Ages heather was used against rachitis in children, a condition caused by a lack of vitamin D and calcium, which hardly occurs today anymore.

Bog Heather is somewhat more Venusian, Common Heather more Martian in appearance. Purple is the colour of Neptune, and hallucinations and being sedative also is a Neptune factor of course. The hermit loving solitude is Jupiter in Capricorn.


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