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 Vol. 510,  October 5, 2009
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Flue-epidemics are not consistent with Saturn/Pluto aspects but fear-epidemics are. There is a wonderful Indian tale I read in one of Yogananda's works once:  a Guru once met Mr. Death in one of his meditations. He said: "What are you doing here, I am protecting this village, you have no business here". Mr. Death replied, "Yes, I do, the time is up for three people, I will take them away."  "Okay", the Guru replied, "if you indeed promise to take no more than three people, I will let you through", and the deal was closed in this manner.

Indeed, the next day one of the villagers died of the plague. The next day, two more villagers died and the guru thought that all was settled now.  But lo and behold, the following morning another three villagers died and the next day ten more.

The guru went back into deep meditation to confront Mr. Death with this outrageous result of his visit to the village. "Mr. Death, you have not kept your promise, you were to take only three people!" 

Mr. Death replied calmly: " I have kept my promise alright, I only took the three people whose time was up. The other villagers who died, well, that has nothing to do with me, I did not go for them, instead they died of their own accord, they died of fear.

For those of you are afraid of the Swine-Flue, Vitamin D apparently does the trick. The Saturn-Pluto square by the way will be in effect from November 15 onwards.

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009

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