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 Vol. 511,  October 11, 2009
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Other than all te credit crunch disasters, and astrologers do not have much good news to report here (we will have to sit it out until September 2009) are there any nice things about 2009? For that, we have to look at the planet Jupiter, which will be overruled by Saturn and the other outer planets, but should not be ignored because of that.  

For focusing on Jupiter we have to realize that 1) this planet is in Aquarius this year and 2) we have to realize the house it transits in our own chart. At least a twelfth of the population will have no noticeable effects of  the credit crisis, as they have Jupiter transiting the 2nd, which currently is so for those with Capricorn rising. I just hope they are not the bankmanagers still going after bonuses, symbolizing the height of greed. Because after all, what the hell did they manage? 

But for ourselves, what do we see with Jupiter in Aquarius? We also are in wonderful exciting times, with sudden new insights, with discoveries we are making. Maybe you discovered astrology this year, or the healing energy of trees, or maybe you are inventing something on the technological front. For discovery and sheer excitement because of that, Jupiter in Aquarius is just great. And the more creative you are, the less the opposition between Uranus and Saturn is stressful, but "merely" bringing you in a next phase of your life. Expand your horizon, use Jupiter in Aquarius! 

Jupiter currently is stationary at 17+ Aquarius, and will go Direct Tuesday October 13 at 04.12 am GMT time. It is going to be a great Jupiterian week!  Enjoy! 

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009, e-mail chta @ astrology bookstore! on this page

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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009

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