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 Vol. 517,  February 5/14, 2010
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New Moon February 14 : the Year of the Metal Tiger

copyright artwork: Marca Merica aka Marca van Wassenaar

With its 12/10 binary system the Tiger is the third sign of the Chinese Zodiac but the first
sign of their solar-lunar new year, the “TET.” 2010 is the Year of the Metal Tiger
which begins on Sunday, February 14th at 10:51 CCT (Chinese Costal Time) – on
Valentine’s Day!! In other zones this time converts to 3:51 MEZ, 2:51 GMT/UT in
the Eastern Hemisphere.
The new year’s first month from February 14th to March 15th is the month of the Earth Tiger, thus 2010
will be off to an extremely fast and tiger-typical start with a militant economy and an economic militancy – budget
and funding-fighting! 
Being the Year of the Metal Tiger, 2010 is the year to either put a tiger in your tank or put a tank in your tiger, 
push down the gas pedal (Toyota or otherwise) and drive head-on with the quietest engine on the road to the 
ultimate test of manhood.
Douglas Kløvedal

Jupiter in Pisces: The River is Flowing

The Sun just crossed 15 degrees of Aquarius, one of the sacred points in the zodiac, exactly in between the wintersolstice and the springequinox. The symbolism of 14.00-14.59 Aquarius deals with two singing birds contributing valuably to the whole of mankind. The song The River is Flowing is a beautiful expression of Jupiter in Pisces:

The singer is Alison Krauss and her chart (thanks to Sarah van Sanden, BE):

Alison Krauss, 23 July 1971,  19.48, pm, Decatur Illinois, USA, website

Pisces is THE signature for music, and Neptune its planet. Alison Krauss does not have Jupiter in Pisces, but in a more passionate sign, Scorpio, in the 10th house indicating her enormous success (she won 15 Grammy awards already). Ruler of the Ascendant is Saturn, placed in opposition with Neptune. |This is always a guarantee for someone on the path of uniting heaven and earth one way or another and let's face it, the most tangible manifestation on earth of the unearthy is music!  Fleeting moments which one cannot hold onto, unless of course, one places a youtube video on one's website:-)  Beethoven also had the combination Saturn/Neptune in rather poignant ways in his chart to mention just one other musician. Giving form to, or composing (Saturn) music (Neptune.  Most Capricorn rising individuals have some difficulty placing themselves on the foreground to perform, as Leo usually is the sign on the 8th house cusp, making all things Leonian rather unsafe, but in Alison's chart we see Sun, Moon, South Node and Mercury in Leo so this is a piece of cake for her. The nodes, fittingly enough for this weekahead, are placed on the 15th degree of Leo/Aquarius.

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