The Week ahead

 Vol. 518,  March 5-11, 2010
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles,


The chart of Chile

What a remarkable news item: a quake or aftershock during the inauguration of a new president; above the chart of Chile, from the Book of World Horoscopes by  Campion. It is the chart for the approximate moment of the end of theBattle of Maipu where the spanish army was defeated in their attempy to crush down the Chilean freedom fighters; thus Chile's independence became definite.  There is a square between Pluto (ruling the 4th) and Neptune (ruling the 8th) in this chart, which currently is broken open by the transit of Uranus almost square Neptune and just past its conjunction with Pluto in the 8th house. Pluto not only rules the South Node but also the 4th hous, in the 8th; at the time it indicated a big change of power of the land, and now with Uranus on top, it again does the land shake on its foundations. Pretty heavy transits, pretty heavy occurences.

Aries is on its way

Spring starts March 20 at 5.44 pm UT time, which means that the Sun will enter the sign of Aries. But March 7 Venus will do so already, and Mercury on March 17. More important is that Mars, the ruler of Aries will at long last turn Direct again next week, on Wednesday March 10 at 5.07 pm UT time. Over here we noticed its retrograde motion in the fire sign of Leo quite well given that it was a very cold winter. However, it has not been a depressing winter with all the snow, as snow reflects light and makes the world bright and shiny. But expect the weather to turn around when Mars goes Direct. The days are  already lengthening in the Northern hemisphere, one can almost smell the spring, but not quite yet,  with Mars still retrograde. 

During the previous Full Moon last week I had a tough time dealing with all the pressure and busy-ness.  I had to do something about it. All of a sudden I decided to deal with it in a different manner beyond using the Moon in Virgo as in ordening things.  I changed my attitude by a mere decision, and all of a sudden the psychological pressure was gone and I became extremely cheerful. Taking an inner decision (Mars retro) is like making a conscious choice (Aries). How do we deal with everyday things? It goes even deeper, many things in our life are governed by unconscious decisions of allowing things to be. We can for instance unconsciously allow ourselves to be sick (which is good sometimes), or suffer from something. But we can also decide differently, and make a conscious choice for something else.  Nothing so wonderful as the sign of Aries to change your life magically around by way of an act of will, choice or decision. With Mars retro it can be an inner decision, the outer world does not have to comply immediately, it is our attitude that counts. 

Next week Venus will, when in Aries get into an opposition with Saturn in Libra, Tuesday March 9. That day can become a disappointment, the more so if you think only about your own decisions and not take others into consideration:-) And Friday March 14 she will square Pluto which bodes for another low on the financial markets that day. 

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2010, e-mail chta @