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 Vol. 519,  March 19, 2010
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles, - Past weekaheads


The Spring-Equinox

Time, and the seasons on earth, are caused by natural movements of the earth and the sun in relationship to one another. In some systems the moon also takes part (the Mayan system of timekeeping).

The seasons are caused due to the fact that the earth is slightly tilted in reference to its vertical axis (about 23 degrees), and travels its path around the sun each year in that tilted fashion.

Thus we experience the sun around us in a changing manner with reference to the equator. In Autumn and Winter the sun orbits (seemingly, because of course it is the earth which travels around the sun) the Southern Hemisphere, and in Spring and Summer on the Northern Hemisphere.

There are two yearly passages across the equator when the sun moves from South to North and vice versa, and these are the moments that the amount of daylight equals the amount of night, i.e. twelve hours each. Spring is that moment each year when the sun crosses the equator and starts to orbit the Northern hemisphere. It is called Spring-Equinox and astrologically, the sign of Aries then begins. After that, daylight is on the increase on the Northern hemisphere. Autumn is the reverse moment. The sun then crosses the equator once again, but southward to orbit the Southern hemisphere. Moreover, the further south or north of the equator we live, the more difference we will notice between the hours of daylight and darkness. At the summersolstice around June 21, when the Sun has reached its most northerly point and enters the astrological sign of Cancer, the midsummerfests are held in Scandinavia as from their point of view, the sun does not even set during that moment! Just as the sun does not even rise during Winter..

This year, in 2010, Spring will start March 20 at exactly 5.33 pm UT. (Universal Time). It varies from year to year due to slight variations of the motions of the earth, but it always is around March 21. Each baby born in 2010 after 5.33 pm UT March 20 will already be an Aries.



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