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 Vol. 521,  April 5-15, 2010
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Saturn in gear for its opposition with Uranus

Almost straight after Saturn got back into Virgo getting in line for its next opposition with Uranus, we see the earth (Saturn) and the air (Uranus) in turmoil:, earthquakes in China, vulcano eruptions in Iceland with many cancelled flights as a result, Polish victims from an aircrash,  a cyclone in Bengal  (India), a huge dune-fire in the Netherlands, what else is in store for us?

The chart of ICELAND

A few days ago I was wondering about the chart of Iceland and whether it would show the financial karma the country seems to be creating, and lo and behold, astrologywise I was not disappointed: Iceland gained its independence June 17 1944, and I took 0.00 GMT and Reykjavik as coordinates. (Koch houses). And what do we find? Saturn being the ruler of karma, and in this chart the ruler of the financial 2nd house, placed dominantly on the descendant (blame the others). Exactly (EXACTLY) at the time of Pluto opposite  Saturn they took control, did the Plutonic thing and refused to pay up the ICE SAFE bank money.  When Saturn went back into Virgo opposite Uranus, it squared this karmic Saturn and their volcano eruptions cost fortunes to the flightindustry.  (I must say that personally, I found a few days without any planes in sight in the air, quite something, unique, and pleasant:-)

The latest Sun picture from NASA:


Never travel to Saudi Arabia!

quoting AA newsletter (Astrological Association of Great Brittain) of April 10:

Ali Hussain Sabat: An Appeal to all AA members

Helping Ali Hussain Sabat
Many of you will have learned of the predicament of Ali Hussain Sabat,
whose giving personal advice on a Lebanese television channel has
resulted in a sentence of death, following his arrest during a visit to
Saudi Arabia.
More information is available here
just put "Ali Hussain Sabat" into your search engine.

Deborah Houlding has pioneered UK support via her Skyscript forum, which also gives
addresses to write to, in this thread here
Deb has also shared with us the letter she has written to the Saudi Embassy in London,
with a copy to the UK Foreign office:

Your Royal Highness,
I am writing to register public concern over the fate of the Lebanese citizen, Ali
Hussain Sabat. I am the administrator for, an English-based
website dedicated to the history and understanding of astrological philosophy. I
 learned of Mr Sabat's situation from a member of the site, who wanted to warn the
citizens of western nations that it was not safe to travel to Saudi Arabia if anyone
entertained an interest in astrology, as you do not recognise Human Rights (as
suggested by this case). However, I see on your embassy website that you do in fact, hold
the issue of Human Rights very dear to your nation's heart. You state "Human Rights,
as we Muslims understand the concept, is an inalienable gift of the Creator, and
no one has the right to deny them to anyone.

Since Mr Sabat does not appear to have committed any crime in your country, are
you able to confirm the reasons why he has been imprisoned? I sincerely hope that
the threat of his execution has passed, as the world becomes more interested in
his situation. But we are also concerned that he is still in prison after all this
time, without there seeming to be a clear case of criminal activity on his part.
I would be very grateful indeed if you could recognise the concern that this matter
is generating, and do all in your power to ensure the swift release of this Lebanese
Citizen to his family. I would also be extremely grateful for any clarification
upon the matter of whether anyone who has practiced astrology, or made general mundane
or political predictions with astrology, is safe to visit your nation - or placed
at jeopardy by such interests.

The Astrological Association encourages everyone who shares these concerns to take
action. It feels that many personal letters, written in your own words after studying
the facts, are likely to be most effective. We ask you to write respectfully, even
if not in agreement with Saudi actions, and to emphasise the human rights and kindness
that every person should enjoy and express.


April 7, Pluto Rx and Saturn back in Virgo

tThe latest Pluto pictures from NASA:



Pluto is stationary at 5.25.12 Capricorn between April 5 and 9 and will turn retrograde April 7 at 2.35 am GMT time. This is one of the major turning points each year, the other one being when Pluto goeds Direct again, which is mid September. It can feel as if fate intervenes in your life's direction and adjustments need to be made, confronted with news April 7 or 8.*** Over the years I have observed that the motion it is making in spring, affects people more on an individual basis, whereas the motion into the "future" again, i.e. when it turns Direct, often impacts the collective.

*** April 7: my first observations / feelings about Pluto retrograde are as if the lid is off the pressure cooker, as if things are calming down. Quite remarkable and a little unexpectedly I must say. 

April 7 will also see Saturn moving back into Virgo, at 18.52 pm GMT.  Thus it will affect matters of health and work once more, to return into Libra and focus on relationships again at the end of July.

Mercury and Venus are in early Taurus square Mars in Leo and can have correlated with quite some egotistical behaviour in communications over Easter, but they do trine Pluto shortly, so everything will turn out fine on that front. And a semisquare to Jupiter in Pisces may suggest that we need to give in a little, just a little:-)

I have amused myself creating a music page with youtube video's (both Taurus as well as Pisces correlate with music), it is not finished yet, and of course in Dutch but most songs are in English in the first place.  However, before you go there, first watch this one...:

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