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 Vol. 523,  June 22&25, 2010
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Mondaymorning June 21, when by chance, we were with four astrologically educated people and just before the summersolstice took place (11.30 GMT and local time 13.30 or 1.30 pm), I was thinking that the Sun ingressing in Cancer would of course be making some hard aspects to the T square between Jupiter/Uranus - Pluto <and Saturn> in the skies. A T-square that has half the astrological world in uproar if not more,  for fear and worry are at a peak currently.  The Sun already was passed the square with Saturn since it retreated into Virgo to enter Libra in a month's time. But in our regions it certainly made for a few colder days than the days before and after!

I all of a sudden asked the other three whether they would be willing to do a summersoltice ritual. Not that I had any clear ideas of the form of the ritual, but an authentic ritual happens almost by itself, spontaneously, if the intentions are joined for a common purpose to strengthen energies.

So here we are on our way to the oldest and largest Oak of the Netherlands, an oak who went through two precious Pluto/in/Capricorn passages already, number 4 made the photo:-)

This particular Oak is very suitable for astrological rituals for it has a round fence around it, a circle- And because we were with four people, which was a nice `co-incidence I thought that we could act out the Grand Square of the planets and we decided to go for a symbolization of its energies in the highest way imaginable. Thus giving an impulse to that which is also possible beyond all the fear, expected crashes, of the markets, the world, of your and my life, etcetera.

First we walked three times around the Oak as a sign of respect for its venerable age and wisdom. After that it was our intention to each go to one of the four directions, one person in the South representing the Sun in Cancer, the other opposite her, being Pluto in Capricorn, the third one square to them both representing Saturn and the fourth playing out the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries. I waited until each found her place but they assigned Jupiter-Uranus to me which of course I did not mind at all. However, when I made the chart coming home I saw that Uranus was in the West and not the East, where I was standing, what was I thinking during the ritual, it was obvious none of us were thinking at all..., in reality I was on the spot of Saturn:-)

MissusM in the South with the sun shining on her back, that spot was not too difficult to locate:-), she represented the Sun in Cancer.

MissusC opposite her as Pluto in Capricorn, a role which she played very well as she took control and spoke briefly about how she was committed to dig for dirt with regard to unethical behaviour in the world, in order to transform it to more ethical ways. She was ruled, speaking in planetary terms, by Saturn who is the ruler of all that is in Capricorn, and who was symbolized, on the wrong spot or not, by the `Queen of the hives`dressed in black and invisible for me as the oak was in between us. How symbolic, Jupiter and Uranus temporarily not being obstructed by Saturn as they currently are in different signs. But I could hear her, she said I need nothing, and that what I need, I will create from within. But I peaked a little sideways to make a photograph:

For the rest we had not planned anything in advance, but we did try to think of a higher potential for these planets working together.

And then the Sun in Cancer spoke:

I feel safe
starting a new phase
which is ethical
from within

This was the sentence that in the flash of a moment, within a minute, was conceived by consulting each other a little in the role of the planets: the Sun in Cancer offering safety, with the new start of Uranus in Aries, ethical by order of Pluto in Capricorn, from within, the higher vibration of Saturn.

After a little break where the Sun and Saturn were the best of friends :

we went for a walk further in the woods and into the summer. And with this we wish everyone else and you who read this especially a very good summer!

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