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 Vol. 524,  July 9, 2010
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Solar Eclipse during Soccer World Cup Finals 
Sunday July 11

July 11,  21.42 pm EET, Johannesburg, South Africa

Exactly during the finals of the Soccer World Championship (between Holland and Spain) a solar eclipse will take place...  In Amsterdam 16 Capricorn is rising with the eclipse just in the 7th house, but in Madrid the descendant is 19 Capricorn thus exactly conjunct the eclipse, with Jupiter exact conjunct the 3rd house cusp (Koch). Since we are having South African weather over here currently it is of course always possible that I suffer from a stroke and don't know what I am doing anymore, but this does point to victory for Spain.

Dennis Elwell taught how to look at what the planets are doing (which aspects they make) to interpret the energy of an eclipse. We see Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries (soccer) square Pluto (topsport with an unexpected twitch or with renewal).  The eclipse itself is conjunct the nodes of Pluto as well as conjunct its discovery degree. Quite often, (more often than not) occurrences during an eclipse tend to create a huge reaction (Moon) from the people collectively (Moon).  We can expect emotional outbursts and uproar, since the Moon is in Cancer, wherever that will take place. Something strange or upsetting may happen during the match itself. 

Well, I am not a soccer fan with Mars in Pisces, but a passive lover of music and recently I am quite taken in by the African musician Geoffrey Oryema: 

I found his birthdate and place on the internet and the time is simply the time of the day that I  all of a sudden wished to have a look at his chart, sometimes it works:-)  Geoffrey Oryema is an interesting figure as he combines Western (hippylike) music with traditional African songs.  His mother was a balletdancer taking him onstage at an early age and his father was prime minister of Uganda, murdered during the regime of Idi Amin. After that event Geoffrey was smuggled out of the country in the trunk of a car, he currently resides in France.  Well, maybe you can look for yourself whether you think Cancer rising (with Venus/Neptune aspecting it) and with the Moon in Gemini would be fitting for him: 

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