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 Vol. 526,  August 7, 2010
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles,

August 2010 & beyond

As a true Aquarian I wrote about August 2010 already five years ago and by the time everybody started to write about it, I was bored silly with the subject and not only that, I had changed my mind meantime. Because when everybody starts to get afraid of planetary patterns I also am Aquarian enough in nature to think that it is not necessary, especially not because all the effects which we originally thought would happen with the current planetary situation already happened when the planets were in the endstages of their previous signs. I could at first not understand how I had missed that one, since I wrote an entire book about the last stage /degree of a cycle, but then realized that I also was infected by the viewpoints of other astrologers. 

There is but one little or maybe somewhat larger hurdle to take economically speaking and that is Venus retrograding in Scorpio in October. And I expect 2011 will be a relatively quiet year making repairs everywhere.

There is something which does worry me though about the current planetary patterns  and strangely enough, it is something that no one else seems to worry about. It has to do with the movement of Uranus, the principle of individual freedom, currently opposed by Saturn, the principal of shared responsibility (in Libra, hence "shared").  But for a change I am not concerned about Saturn, but about what Uranus is doing, actually, already since 2003 when it entered Pisces. Astrology went downhill in the eyes of the public since then, which is only what was to be expected, Uranus, as the planet for astrology and freedom, was kind of wiped out so to speak, watered down anyway, and ultimately leaving the quadrant of collectivity (Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces). Now it is in Aries and when we use the Thema Mundi or worldhoroscope as a basis with 0 degrees of Aries on the ascendant, Uranus is simply disappearing below the horizon, as it was 84 years ago, but totally in contrast with 1968 when it was appearing above the horizon and freedom took over and astrology was on the rise again.

What we have seen with Uranus in Pisces was the loss of individual freedom with regard to a choice in alternative healing. There is what one could almost call a mafia at work where pharmaceuticals are concerned. Half a Uranus cycle ago, children were called rebellious, nowadays they are forced to take ritalin, and "behave" for otherwise there is something wrong with them. So it means that rebellion is something which is now "wrong". An entire Uranus cycle ago, fascism was born. There absolutely are fascistic tendencies going on in the world without people realizing it is fascistic, and without it being named as such.  "Political correctness"rules (i.e. shutting up) versus critical thinking when Uranus was opposite the current position.  The hippy generation is now lost and moves below the horizon and out of sight with Uranus doing the same as a planet. They are going under in invisible subcultures doing their own thing:-)  Ecological concerns are purely economically driven currently, it "sells", I tend to start to almost throw up when I see another big company selling their products as green or being so wonderful for the world ecologically speaking. But that is another matter:-) What concerns me is the larger planetary pattern to come, the square between Uranus and Pluto, occurring 7 times between 2012 and 2014. (By the time it happens it also may bore me stiff when it has reached the consciousness of the masses.

I expect a further clash between the individual and the Powers that rule. Alternative thinking will be oppressed even further, since Pluto in Capricorn rules and simply squares Uranus in Aries. And that is a concern of some importance, especially to an Aquarian like me.   Freedom is something for the individual to take, rather than that it is a standard in the near future and maybe already now.


Bur for now things are not too bad with Uranus in Aries since Jupiter is aspecting it, be it that we have some dilemma's and oppositions with the other planets in this current T square. August 16 Jupiter opposes Saturn which really is quite an important aspect as it is the culmination and turnaround of the current Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Do you remember how in May 2000 when the cycle started with the conjunction, the economy was at such a height that American taxpayers even received 600 dollars in return? (In Holland greed took over and in spite of the surplus of the state's finances, taxes were raised even higher). Currently, at the opposition, the funds of all the nations are at a low rather than at a peak.  However, for an individual, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle is also an important decisionmaking time, a decision about where you live, how you organize your life, your work, and it is happening this month. Yesterday I heard four people (in a workshop) say how they had decided that it was not necessary to sell their house and move after all, which is interesting because I do find that the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, which is about organizing one´s life, somehow or other has to do a lot with moving house.


A reaction from a reader:

This was beautiful, and insightful
I am an Aquarius born with Virgo asc..  I am also seriously thinking  of 
moving from where I live because of the uncertainty in my life - Saturn  in my 
2nd, Pluto in my 5th and Jupiter/Uranus in my 8th !!!
PS what is the name of your book on "last stage/degree of a cycle" ? I  
shall try and get it from the library. Thanks, - for everything
reply:  my book is only in Dutch, as yet.. I lost touch with the best editor I ever
encountered for the English translation of which only two chapters ever were done:-)


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