The Week ahead

 Vol. 528,  October 2, 2010
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Comet Hartley

This picture of comet Hartley was taken October 2, (from spaceweather. com)

Apparently comet Hartley will be closest to earth October 20, when Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio. Comets are interesting things astrologically. They can be cosmic messengers of the birth and death of great persons. When you have either a birth or a death in your family this month, it may well be that comet Hartley has something to do with it, for some reason or another.  What does Hartley mean? It could mean that it follows the line (Ley) of the heart, why not. A comet that brings and takes souls according to their heart's  inner desires, which is also what Venus retrograde in Scorpio might mean, for those that leave the earth currently.


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