The Week ahead

 Vol. 531,  January 6-13, 2011
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How to predict eclipses with ... lego

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For many people in Australia this year did not start too well with the catastrophic floods in Queensland. The chart of Australia does show heavy weather: Pluto, ruler of the 8th, transiting Saturn these days or thereabouts. Uranus squares the Neptune/Mercury opposition.

But in general I expect 2011 to be a great year, one of the better ones in this decennium. It could turn out to be truly exciting and innovative, with the first new happenings occurring mid January, followed by a clear vision as to your goals around January 23. The waiting will end, there is a lot to do, now that you know (or will find out, from mid January till at the latest mid March), what it is that needs to be done. 

Tuesday January 18 Mercury conjoins Pluto and your thoughts can become fixated around issues involving power or powerlessness. But you also can use the aspect by being really focussed on your goals, maybe writing them down. And to get your goals accomplished you will have to evaluate what is no longer appropriate in your life, for otherwise you will have a genuine lack of  time, because so many exciting new things are going to occur! 

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