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 Vol. 532,  January 16-February 10, 2011
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles,Tour - Past weekaheads

An important new website has just been launched in view of the recent negative astrology exposure in the States (our pbulic image is at an alltime low now with Uranus (= astrology) at the end of Pisces :-) , the website is a cooperation between various astrologygroups in the US:



Although there is plenty Aquarian energy going on currently to explain any revolutionary upheaal, the chart in use for Egypt does not give me the feeling that these data are entirely correct (source:Campion) for I dont see the current upheaval clearly enough in that chart: June 18, 1953,  23.30 GMT, Cairo, 29.30 Aries rising.

Searching on the internet I did come across a good article on the history of astrology in Egypt though:


Just after Mars went into Aquarius this morning, conjunct the Ascendant of the moment, I started with this weekahead.  Thus I am getting a foretaste of my new solar return, for I will relocate to Italy for that, and will have Mars in Aquarius conjunct the Ascendant (avoiding a Capricorn ascendant which is what it would be if I were to stay at home). I have warned the people around me already that I will no longer be polite as I was with Libra rising in the previous solar return, and that I may be annoyingly irritated or impatient the next year. Or, what also is possible, start up new projects for I do plan that indeed. And so are you no doubt, for the time is ripe for those, and if not now, than surely in the months ahead.  Jupiter is adding to that, for in a week's time he will enter Aries. 

I may have had this overly polite and overly friendly Libra rising in the previous solar return, but its degree was conjunct Saturn natally. And a few days ago Saturn transit hit my midheaven. 

In the beginning of the Dutch emailcourse students are asked what planet they like the best, and what planet they dislike the most. Nine out of ten times Saturn is being mentioned as the planet they dislike most,  and that is to be expected of course,  frustration, lead, heaviness, stopping your journey ahead, grey... And then I will reply that driving a car down a slope without the car having breaks (Saturn) is really wonderful... 

Well, be that as it may, Saturn is playing up in the 2nd half of January as it will turn retrograde January 26.  (Right conjunct my midheaven:-))  When Saturn is standing still, moving slower to hardly at all, it imprints us more. Saturn D (right now) is more geared towards planning the future though, whereas Saturn Rx after January 26 is more about meeting up with past left-overs.

What would you think when Saturn also is "a clear picture", "in-control", "everything according to schedule"?  I can tell you it feels absolutely wonderful to have some grip on some matters again.  Thus I lost sight of my own website during the passage of Saturn through the 9th, and with having moved around quite a bit in the last years, I also lost sight of where everything was. This latter has been remedied meantime though, but not my chaotic website. I have no idea whether Saturn through the 9th is about loosing oversight, one would think it is more of a 12th house matter, but thereagain, the 9th is of course also a cadent house. 

For years I wished I could have a start-page-script to get some organizing going on, but well well, it took Saturn all that time to hit my Midheaven before I got one.  I feel absolutely exhilarated about that (I have Mercury in Capricorn and it just needs organization:-)  I recall that one Saturn passage ago, that same Mercury in Capricorn was busying itself with organizing a chaotic paperfactory, but now it is about my own website:-)  So in between other things, for a Saturn t in 10 person is of course terribly busy and pressured for time, I am creating a new sitemap to start off:, the beginning is made and I feel just GREAT about that. 

I do have to grin about the fact that it took so long however before finding the proper scripts, Saturn really had to conjunct the midheaven before I could start to emit some order again rather than chaos:-)  Wasn't it already mentioned in the Bible that there is a time for everything under the heavens? Patience thus is a nice Saturnian trait needed for the slowness of Saturn itself, especially when Mars in Aquarius starts to speed up things. 

Should you experience Saturn as a frustrating factor, allowing Mars in Aquarius to make you irritated, then change your plans, for Mars in Aquarius needs some space to do new things, and creativity is the remedy for irritation. 

This could irritate you enormously though, for they were at it again, ignorant authors about astrology re-using the ancient old Precession of the Equinox argument, once again, sigh:

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