The Week ahead

 Vol. 533,  February 22, 2011
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles,


Uranus will definitely enter Aries to not be back in Pisces for the next 84 years, on March 12. 

The Uranians amongst us who wish to live their lives independently and in freedom, will have to do so more and more on their own in the near future. On the one hand, it is fitting for Aries of course, but on the other hand it can make you feel isolated when making your individual choices. And worse, with other planets in conflict with Uranus (Pluto and Saturn currently), it could mean you either break away completely and totally, or you deny you have any individual choice at all. And then of course, there is the middle path: pursuing your own path in freedom whilst taking into account other people around you as well as the larger institutions such as governments and the like. 

It is quite thinkable that others try to imprint fear in you, if you choose your own path too much, and this entire process, of re-finding your individual self in contrast to the imprints of fear from the larger outer world, is quite possibly also the dynamic of the tensions that the world at large will see. 

The most important thing to be able to folllow your own path in peace and to live in freedom, is to not buy into that fear. (Fear is the soil in which conflict and war is bred). It is like a virus that creeps into your system, quite easily. Recognize it, also in society at large, and just do not buy into it. Aries means courage! :-) 

If you know in which house of your chart you have the sign of Aries or at least the beginning degrees of it, then you can know in which area of your life you are making yourself more independent from the status-quo and regain your freedom. (I: Becoming yourself, II: gain financial independence, III: dare to speak out, IV: create space to live in freely, V: use you own and unique creativity now, VI: become your own boss, VII: be yourself in relationship, VIII: becoming conscious of hidden patterns, IX: cherish your own beliefsystems, X: dare to be different, and also maybe create your own profession, XI: cut loose from those who are not friends and cherish friendships based on equality and spiritual companionship, XII: wake up. 

For after all, we do not need to be a rebel everywhere (I know, that is a totally outmoded word with Uranus in the finals of Pisces:-),  but simply guard our freedom or even find it again in the area of our lives symbolized by where Uranus is currently transitting, alongside with the house where Aquarius is on the cusp, and probably by means of the house where Uranus is natally:-)

An important new website has just been launched in view of the recent negative astrology exposure in the States (our public image is at an alltime low now with Uranus (= astrology) at the end of Pisces :-) , and this is a great statement for the more assertive Uranus in Aries times to come:  the website is a cooperation between various astrologygroups in the US:


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