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 Vol. 537,   August 9, 2011
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England and Amy Winehouse

It is not that unusual for England to be in turmoil in August set off by a Full Moon or an eclipse but this time it is serious business. For Pluto is nearing the dark point of the chart, 1 degree prior to the IC square Uranus (rebellion) and currently opposite Mars.  The country is shaking on its foundations for now, but also for the rest of this year probably. And lo and behold, Amy Winehouse almost had the same axes in her chart:

Donald Trump's birthtime released

The ISAR newsletter reported that the hospital birth records for Donald Trump were in the press, as per the above (the Jamaica Hospital in New York City that should be). 

What a wonderful astrological picture, a business tycoon, wealthy at that, with Taurus at his midheaven, and a fully macho Leo ascendant. And of course,  Jupiter and Neptune in the 2nd house which not only says "a lot" but also a lot is spent on relationships (Libra) :-)  With Virgo on the cusp it is with work though, that he gained his fortune.

Neptune will be conjuncting his descendant, maybe releasing even more information.  Obviously he lives Pluto in the 12th house as opposed to the individual as per the chart below as you can get it, as Trump is a man of the world, maybe in total denial of all things spiritual. For now. 


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