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 Vol. 540, October 14-November 30, 2011
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Some data for US presidential candidates (from ISAR's newsletter)

“AA” Data for Rick Perry, born 4 March 1950, at 10:40 AM in Haskell, TX
“A” Data for W. Mitt Romney, born 12 March 1947 at 9:51 AM in Detroit, MI
“DD” Data for Newt Gingrich, born 17 June 1943 at 11:45 PM in Harrisburg, PA (no reliability regarding this birth time)

Furthermore, see the link on this page under Horoscopedata: political astrology

The chart of the EURO is on the Dutch weekahead (with not to good prognoses for February 2012 and when Saturn t moves through Scorpio)

Windows & Apple, Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

Interestingly enough, both gentlemen were born with the Moon at 7+ Aries sharply sesquiquadrate Saturn in Scorpio, the one in the spring, the other in the fall of 1955; and interestingly enoug both gentlemen have 22 Virgo on one of the axes of their charts. The first chart below belongs to Bill Gates, born October 28 1955 in Seattle, 9.15 pm PST:

And this is the chart of Steve Jobs:

In his chart the Moon rules the South Node, whereas Saturn, positioned exactly on the 3rd house cusp, thus "communication-systems"! , rules the North node. So Jobs was probably constantly busying himself with inventing new things, an OLD pattern, and consolidating things, a NEW pattern (for him). In the end he even developed cancer with it . Possibly he did not always wish to first thoroughly finish off the one thing before starting something new. 
According to Wikipedia he was the typical Virgo rising personality endlessly focussed on detail and with Mars in Aries in the 8th house also interfering constantly in the work of others.
He ALWAYS wore jeans with the same kind of black high-necked shirt which is funny considering the first house ruler being a retrograde Aquarius energy, and with Venus (taste) in Capran eicorn , stylish but no thrills. 
When the transiting Jupiter opposed his Saturn on January 3, 1977, positioned on the 9th house cusp, nicely trine Venus, he founded Apple. Apples are quite fitting for a Taurus signature of course and with Jupiter-t on the rise, success was quick. 
In August 2004 Jupiter conjuncted his Ascendant in transit, and he underwent an operation of the pancreas. A Jupiter/Ascendant transit does indicate an excellent recovery. At the same time Saturn transit was conjunct his natal Jupiter, whereas Uranus transit was exactly conjunct his Piscean Sun in the 6th house. We could interpret that as a temporary freedom from his work-addiction. More important was the transit position of Pluto perhaps, because it was nearing his I.C. thereby changing the fundamentals of his entire life. 
The pancreatic cancer returned and Steve Jobs died October 5, 2011. 

As it happens I know someone also born in 1955, with Saturn also in the 3rd house on the same degree of Scorpio, also with Virgo rising and also with the Moon in Aries, However, in her case, the Moon is sharply opposite Neptune making her quite sensitive. She is dreadfully `allergic` to the radiation, square Uranus, of all the UMTS poles that had to be built caused by all these ipod and iphone inventions,  giving one cancer.. 
In contrast to Windows and Apple, Unix and Java are open source and however open source may mean a free sharing between people, it does not mean sharing things for free with the rest of the world that are in fact copyrighted. Thus Astrolabe filed a suit against these companies for using all the data of the indeed copyrighted Time Zones and Time Changes in the world by Thomas Shanks, ACS, the work is on the first page, tools, of the astrobookshop at Amazon

A nice article on this on the N website.

Someone sent me these URLS below where astrologers are nicely insulted and thus I hope Astrolabe wins the suit!,guid,c5f28bae-4b9c-41ea-b7b7-8891ad63c938.aspx
In the meantime Lynn Bell sent the following fascinating URL on the subject:
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