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 Vol. 541, December 22, 2011
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles,


2012: its chart?

Anything is possible in 2012, with exception of the fact that the world comes to an end; even if more disaster-oriented astrologers might see Pluto conjunct the IC as a definite indicator of upheavals. The chart above is set for Greenwhich, at the start of the new year.  Naturally, it is of course also the moment of the New Year's celebrations itself and if I were you, especially when living in England, I would go very easy with fireworks to prevent any personal disasters to homes or loved-ones with the Aries Moon square Pluto on the IC.

Yes, it is possible that next year could bring fundamental changes vis-a-vis the way you live, and your greatest challenge is to not become insecure about the securities in your life and the basis of how you  live.

One of the things which often amazes me is the idea in the New Age circuit that it might be a good thing if the world "goes under and starts anew". For whom is that a good thing? Where is your compassion? Do you not wish others to be happy? Or do you think it helps the unhappy or unfortunate people with their fears or insecurity when the "world comes to an end, economically or by way of natural disasters"? That otherwise we do not wake up? Wake up to what exactly? To your views of the world, or mine? The only thing that really worries me, but that is already the case since 2003 (with Uranus entering Pisces at that time) is the continuing loss of freedom, and as far as  I am concerned, an alert to that effect is called for. However, those are only my views.

Jupiter is in Taurus for the time being still, ruler of the North Node (the above was sort of a comment on the South Node). The first 6 months of 2012 will be different from the last; in this entire timeframe Mars is in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. For the time being it simply is important to keep your calm, and stay (or become...) realistic.

Jupiter will make another fortunate trine to Pluto yet. In June things change, Jupiter will enter Gemini and provide the world maybe with free wifi all over the place, something that your health may really like if you are sensitive to its radiation...)  or invent other tablets or provide us with a whole lot of new nonsense (Jupiter exaggerating in Gemini). We will also have the first of seven Uranus-Pluto squares (hence the continuing repression (Pluto) of freedom (Uranus).

Later in the year (October), Saturn will enter Scorpio and will offer challenges, especially with regard to your faith, for devaluation of money certainly is a possibility in 2012. But we will deal with that if it comes to that, for now I wish everyone a grand Christmas and a good and safe start of the new year; with maybe many plans and inititiaves. Do it the easy way and not overrush things, with Jupiter in Taurus:-)

Love & Joy

Last week a recently discovered comet, called Lovejoy, --named after its Australian discoverer, who actually is called Lovejoy, -- plunged into the Sun and NASA expected the comet to burn up because of that. But lo and behold the comet suprised everyone surviving this plunge! It now already is past its closest passage to the Sun and still survived. Wonderful how everything in space is symbolic: Love and Joy conquer everything!

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