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 Vol. 544, June 15-21, 2012
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles


The summersolstice was celebrated on Times Square in Manhattan with free yoga classes

as in can you find peace not only on lonely mountaintops but also in the busy city? (How Jupiter in Gemini... which was conjunct Venus and the South Node, in the physical 6th house,  as ruler of the ascendant, in the chart of the Summer Solstice set for NY:

Jupiter in Gemini

After a long enjoyment of Jupiter in Taurus, well, at least for me it was quite enjoyable, Jupiter entered the sign of Gemini June 12th to stay there for the next twelve months. It means a year of much more movement, at least, if you wish to benefit from Jupiter. All things to do with transportation, all things to do with communication and meeting people, are fortunate. Short travel. biking, and making appointments, they all should work fine now. In your own birthchart the house where Gemini is, is showing favorable results, if all is well.

Depending on your age, the quality of Jupiter in Gemini will differ though:

1) if you 've just been born or are not yet twelve years of age, the next year could be great fun with your siblings. And if you've got the age for it, your schoolexperience could improve a lot as well. If you need to learn to talk, read or write, the year ahead is quite favorable for that!

2) if you are between twelve and twenty-four years of age, that chances are that you will get a new bike, moped or car, or acquire your driving-license. All this, so that you can make contacts more easily with friends. Your social life will certainly not be calm in the coming months.

3) when between twenty-four and thirty-six, Jupiter in Gemini provides for more professional contacts and trips, and maybe also for a new car.

4) if you are between thirty-six and forty-eight, roughly that is, Jupiter in Gemini will provide for the most inspiring literature as well as many an inspiring conversation with other people. You feel heard on the soul-level.

5) when between forty-eight and sixty (or a little before that) Jupiter in Gemini will most likely mean that for the first time in your life you can say or write what you really feel and never dared to say before. It will feel totally liberating.

6) when between roughly sixty and seventy-two, Jupiter in Gemini could mean a healing of your contacts with siblings or neighbors, there where it did not turn out too good in the past. There is a lot of forgiveness going on.

7) when between seventy-two and eighty-four years of age, Jupiter in Gemini is fantastic to write (in shorter pieces) that which needs to be written still, or say, that which needs to be said still.

I am not giving the astrological rationale for this distinction in ages here, or rather distinction in cycles, of which there are 7, but think in terms of chakra-development.


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