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 Vol. 501,  June 26, 2009
This column is meant for people with a basic knowledge of astrological principles



A retrograde planet is re-assessing past things, a direct planet explores new ways for the future. In July and August Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde, and of the outer planets only Saturn is direct. The first 4 are in socalled wintersigns and Saturn, being in Virgo, in a summersign (from the viewpoint of the Northern Hemisphere). An outer planet in the neighborhood of a conjunction with the Sun always is Direct, an outer planet in the neighborhood of an opposition with the Sun always retrograde. With Saturn currently Direct and not the rest, it is conceivable that we have our lives reasonably in control during the summer, without any new wild shocks , maybe with the exception of these days (see below.


A stationary planet is a planet standing still, either because it is about to retrograde, or it is about to turn Direct. Currently Uranus is stationary. And it means that a fair amount of Uranus is currently active on the planet, because a stationary planet always has more impact than another, because it simply makes a more long lasting imprint on a certain degree of the zodiac than usual.


Uranus  has reached 26.37 Pisces meantime but will go Rx July 1 at 07.38 am GMT time and will go back in the sign of Pisces until the 22nd degree. The symbol for the 27 th degree is about karmic reaping: harvesting the things you did, or left undone (in which case you can use the summer to do them still). The 27th degree of Pisces is a degree where the seed of the future is felt, but not yet active, maybe from November onwards then. In the birthchart of Michael Jackson, who died June 25, Uranus was crossing his Descendant, Neptune his 6th house cusp (fairly exact), and Saturn transit was in the 12th.  Hospital visits are always more likely to occur with Saturn-t  in the 12th.

-Michael Jackson, August 29 1958, 7.54 am CDT, Gary, Indiana- source Pathfinder database (from a close contact)


The next Full Moon is July 7 at 15.24 Capricorn/Cancer at 09.23 am GMT. So the first week of July will be a busy one still.

July 10 Jupiter Rx will conjunct Neptune Rx, they also were conjunct May 27, and is a much softer aspect than the Uranus-Saturn opposition (which is not over yet).  We already saw a lot more optimism and faith in humanity with Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius, and can enjoy another one of these aspects soon. It will be a wonderful summermonth!


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Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, 2009

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