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no.625- 14 maart 2016
Deze informatie is bedoeld voor mensen met minimaal basiskennis van de astrologie.
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Uit: De Verborgen Wijsheid van de Kabbala van J.F.C.Fuller

"Het denkbeeld van evenwicht tussen Wie en Wat- Hoger en Lager- is ook te vinden in de leer van Hermes, die voor een groot gedeelte op de kennis van de Kaballa berustte. Dit alles komt tot uitdrukking in één verklaring: "Wat boven is, is gelijk aan wat beneden is, en wat beneden is, is gelijk aan wat boven is, ter vervulling van de wonderen van het éne ding Volgens Eliphas Lévi is dit universele beginsel "het TELESMA van de wereld". Om deze opperste waarheid te symboliseren verdubbelde Hermes, naar de legende verhaalt, de slang om zijn caduceus, en bracht haar op die wijze in eeuwigdurend evenwicht met zichzelf.

In de zichtbare wereld is de mens het middelpunt, zoals God het middelpunt van de onzichtbare wereld is.

God schiep de mens naar Zijn Eigen Beeld.. Adam werd gemaakt uit dezelfde aarde waaruit het Heiligdom van de Aarde tot aanzijn werd gebracht.  En de aarde waarop zich het heiligdom bevond was de synthese van de vier windstreken van de wereld. Deze vier windstreken werden op het moment van de schepping verenigd met de vier elementen: vuur, water, lucht en aarde,

welke vier elementen Yod, Heh, Vau en Heh, de vier delen van de naam Jehovah, zijn.


The words below, when repeated out loud, create a beautiful sound that seems to reveal their deep meaning.

"Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu"

What it means:

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

What better way to begin each new day than with the reminder to live your life in a way that promotes peace and freedom for all beings? Try it while you make your breakfast or as you're getting ready in the morning - you may be surprised at how noticeable the effects are!

With the right focus and intention, mantras like this one can help realign your thoughts and actions, bringing you to a place of deep and powerful peace.

Nick Polizzi
The Sacred Science

Tijd te kort?

Een vriendin met Neptunus als ascendantsheerser in 7 laat haar tijd eeuwig en altijd bepalen door anderen... Nick Polizzi schreef daar iets moois over:

A few months ago, a close friend recommended that I meet Laurie Gerber, a life coach who bridges both the sacred and the scientific in the work she does. I was struggling to find balance between my life mission (serving you, The Sacred Science community) and my personal life at home as a father and husband. I was spread thin and feeling overwhelmed.  
At first, I was kind of skeptical about Laurie because she didn’t fit the description of what I would think of as a healer…  But after our first phone call, I knew this was someone who was going to challenge me to evolve and reach higher in service of Pachamama. 
Mind you, I had to do about 5 hours of written homework, detailing all areas of my life, my visions, my history, parents and more, before Laurie would even meet with me. That alone had a profound impact, especially the part where I had to get clear on what my dream relationship to TIME would be, and give it a “current rating” on a scale of 1-10.
I had to admit I gave that area about a “4.”
As I got writing, more truths about time came pouring out. I was dismayed at the fact that I’d come home ready to have a “date night” with my wife, only to discover the next morning that one of us had fallen asleep for the night in the kid’s room. It felt like life had become one long marathon after the other, with no rest periods in between. This wasn’t my dream for my career or my marriage.
Of course Laurie made me explain how it was that I, someone so outwardly fulfilled (she pointed out) couldn’t seem to get what he wanted in these 2 most crucial areas of life. And here I saw my own true colors. All my gripes boiled down to one big whine:
Everyone wants a piece of me! 
And boy, it felt so true. And so noble to be suffering as a result of this fact.
Laurie and her organization, Handel Group, specialize in coaching world changers and world leaders –  so this was not a new complaint for her to hear. She was READY, and gave me some tough love, accepting no excuses for me not having my dreams, not even the really noble sounding ones!
First she pointed out that there was a word for what I was doing with my schedule and it wasn’t a pretty one – in some cultures it’s even known as “a deadly sin.” She called it GLUTTONY!
How could I be a glutton? I thought. I would be ashamed to be called that about food. With food I try to be very conscious, but when it comes to my time, it’s a free for all. 
The time I give to others is what makes me feel “good enough.” I give time away as though it’s unlimited because of my deep fear that if I say no, someone will be disappointed in me and perhaps even reject me. 
To be totally honest, I was sure she would feel sorry for me because I’d ended up being such a “pleaser” and really had people depending on me.  That’s when she called me another name!
That’s Handel Group’s cute way of saying your fear is just a small, loud, animal and you deserve to overrule it in honor of your dreams. She explained that by letting go of some things and delegating others, I might have to weather some discomfort on my own part, but that the upside (which I had not yet experienced) would be well worth it. And she thought I could maturely negotiate people’s potential disappointments with clear communication.
And she was right. Just two months later, after working through a chart we made together, nearly everything in my day to day life I wasn’t enjoying was gone. Invitations were declined, non-mutually rewarding relationships were pruned, and new staff were hired. Best of all, I created a ritual for planning my weeks that is predictable and enjoyable. Then we had to handle date night and we put structure to that too! 
Laurie gave me a whole new lens through which to look at my life, it’s called “Personal Integrity.” You can measure your Personal Integrity by asking yourself whether your thoughts, plans and actions are in alignment with YOUR highest ideals. Simple, but not easy.


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